Social Heart – Volker Schunck

Dear influencer, don’t underestimate your influences on the world. Your inner attitude towards eating animals, towards alcohol and drugs, towards consumption, towards environment protection is heart by millions of people. Especially teenagers “Follow” you. So be careful with what you post. It’s a difference to say something in a small group of friends or to the whole world. Be conscious of that.

Despite the great opportunities of the Internet we have to live a life in the real world not only the virtual world. Act socially in your city. Take a stand for the poor and weak. Give money for the homeless. Go in politics. Take a stand against racism, sexism and discrimination. If you are not the active type you can use other means to change your society to the better. Boycott stores which are known for exploiting workers with low payments and bad production conditions. Become conscious of what’s going on around you. (Volker Schunck)

From the free E-Book “Clouds have no Influence on the Sun” by Volker Schunck


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