Winter can come – Volker Schunck (My Opinion)

Not me! 😁 (

Despite the bad news about the coming winter I’m not afraid, but rather in an incomprehensibly good mood. Currently Nordstream 1 doesn’t deliver gas at all and our fate seems to be in the hands of the moody dictator Putin.

For a month I’ve been living in the smaller room of my apartment, because the bigger one is always a little to cold and needs a lot heating in winter. To have space I donated my large bed (200 cm X 140 cm) to a charity organization. It caused me back ache anyway. Since a month I’ve been sleeping on a yoga mattress and feel better and fitter than before.

Gosh, that’s something nearly hard to believe: getting fitter through sleep. Yep, that’s the right sport for me! But it has to do with the muscle activity, which is higher, when sleeping on a hard surface. I ‘m seriously thinking about buying me again a bed – a smaller one – at all. Maybe as backup for times of sickness. I really don’t know right now. When you search “Sleeping on the Floor” on YouTube, you find a lot videos about experiences of people sleeping on the floor and the benefits of it. I was really surprised that there is seemingly something like a trend. Of course I experienced the benefits of floor sleeping already, in the year I lived in a tent, due to my life situation. If you have back problems you may try this remedy. But be aware I’m not a doctor and can’t give any medical advice. Ask your own, before you try it. (Volker Schunck)

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