Daydreams (Volker Schunck)

Do you remember your childhood? You imagined you could fly and were the bird in the sky. Our dreams and fantasies come from this inner child of the past. But we have forgotten it. We’ve exchanged it for the serious life of the adults. No wonder that our faces have become gray and meaningless. We’ve looked so long on our ambitious targets in job and career that our eyes have lost their glances. We’ve become dead inside and feel burned out and dry.

But there is hope. Your inner child is still there, it’s only sleeping. Start some kind of creativity. It may be writing, painting or having daydreams. But don’t force your inner child. Remember it slept a long time. You can start with imaging funny things. Study the people around you. Create an inner image how it would look like, if the tram has no seats and each of the passenger is sitting on a big rubber ball. How they scream out of joy, when the tram is turning to the right. Or imagine how they all look like with blue painted faces. Or if the trees wouldn’t grow on earth but out of the sky.

Look at the clouds and don’t see them as a part of the environment or the water circuit but imagine how their forms look like: Doesn’t this one look like an elephant or like my boss? It’s funny, isn’t it?

Beside the fun you will have, this practice have a serious side effect. I only want to mention it for those who think this visualizations are too childish. You break your tight inner mind structures which are only able to think in figures and statistics, and you come in contact with the inner source of your creativity. Life isn’t a cost-benefit calculation. Life is vivid and so you are meant to be. What a pity, when you are dead inside and not part of this crazy, vivid, funny, astonishing worth-to-live life! (Volker Schunck)


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