Body Talk (Volker Schunck)

A few months ago I had a talk with a guy. We talked about overweight and how to lose weight. An hour before he had been very open and had spoken in front of the whole class about his overweight. Originally he was a cook and was now in this class to make a retraining. This retraining was paid by the job center because his overweight was a disease. He suffered from gluttony. So you can easily imagine that cook was not the best job for him. Currently, his weight was 160 kg. And he had already lost a lot of weight. A few years ago he weighed 240 kg. Then he was afraid to ride the tram because of the people who stared at him and the children who laughed about him. I was very astonished to hear that from this obviously self-confident man. But appearances are often deceptive. He was in a support group and had psychotherapy. His overweight was life-threatening, and therefore he urgently needed to reduce his weight.

The outer appearance is often the outside of the state of our souls. Overweight and anorexia are rooted in our souls and minds. I remember that I was neglecting my body after my parents death because I had so much to deal with my grief and had so much to think about that I forgot my body. I wasn’t aware of my daily visits to fast food restaurants and my eating of too much jelly babies. I had lost my feelings for my body.

It’s not about getting your ideal weight on the scales but to find the right weight for yourself to feel comfortable with your body and that means with yourself. Don’t let yourself influence by the current beauty standards of society. Beauty standards changed with the years. We all know the Rubens paintings. We all know the current beauty ideal. But to become happy and in harmony with yourself and your body you have to find the weight that fits you. That means what is healthy for you and makes you feel good with yourself and your body. You set your own standard not society.  (2019) (Volker Schunck)

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